Sometimes I'm a tiny bit fascinated by how people talking about politics in USA seem to imply that there's any significant difference between liberals and conservatives.

The common political spectrum in Scandinavia is very clear that both liberals and conservatives are right wing ideologies, and at least in Denmark, traditionally working together.

I see two large differences that might muddle this image:

1) Conservatives in Denmark are very weak politically (<10%, never been above 25% in 100 years)

2) The left wing as we see it in Denmark (SocDem + Workers Movements + "Other Socialists") is almost not represented in USA, letting liberals (i.e. Democrats) claim to be "The Left".


@celesteh I'd argue it's still describing the same political segment when used in the USian "leftist" sense.

Is Obama a liberal?
He's centre-right at best, IMO. Our centre-right politicians cheered just as much (if not more) when he was elected back then as our left wing.


@celesteh tbh, I think this also says something about my political age. I was a kid when Clinton was president, and the earliest "contemporary" US politics I remember are the Clinton-Lewinski scandal and 9/11.

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