thinking about self driving cars, but the cars are longer, with capacity for about 90 people per car. and maybe we could simplify the decision-making of the AI by providing a set path and schedule that they would adhere to. perhaps a physical mechanism on which the self-driving car could always be on, something like a rail to minimize them going off path and being a danger to cyclists or pedestrians. anyone in Silicon Valley want to fund this? we could even chain the cars together to maximize efficiency.

@vulcao you'd probably only need one engine for a bunch of cars, long as you make it beefy enough

I can see it now. four thousand horsepower of sleek diesel-electric efficiency. it's so beautiful it almost seems real.

@wraidd and yknow what, I think if for the moment we get a well paid worker with good benefits to “conduct” the engine car, this is more readily achievable. I seriously think this could be something!


@vulcao You'd probably want a team actually, one to watch the cars and one to operate the engine. Redundancy, y'know.

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