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Hello! I am Wolfen, a queer bi anarchist from Quebec. I'm mainly interested in socialism (of course), gaming, programming, languages and technology. I also enjoy occultism and chaos magic! I hope that this instance will finally be my home on the fediverse and I can't wait to connect with you people ^^. I also have an AD account @snarkydragonbutt where I'm lewd and also furry trash.

Thanks to my boss for deciding I had to take training today and forcing me to wake up at 4h30 a.m

Alberta produces more greenhouse gases than Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick combined. They just elected a hard right provincial government.

what's keybase? why are so many people talking about it right now? what's with all those "it is proven!" posts? (long, serious) Show more

what people think anarchists want versus what anarchists actually want

What am I doing you ask? Hehehe, just typing in javascript. Might take down a site or two. It’s nothing personal.

now i'm just ranting Show more

The ideal polycule is one that can be called upon to form a phalanx.

Every morning there's the same people running for the bus

i'm gay and I fucking love trees fucking superb you tall woody growth forms

If you're going to stare at me at least try to be a little subtle

Weird dream, vore mention (I can't believe I'm typing this) Show more

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