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When I talk to people about decentralizing the internet, fighting the power of corporations and self-hosting they react the same way than when you tell someone you don't eat meat.

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I know I made this joke before but I really want to see an over the top cartoon villain go on a big evil speech and then go "I'm really hungry, you guys want some a&w? I'm paying!" And their minions just nod excitedly, one claps their hands of joy.

Everyone in She-Ra is queer, there's not a single character that's isn't. Even Hordak. Hordak is super queer

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J'ai super envie d'茅crire des zines anarchistes/socialistes. Faire un site et des codes QR qui m猫ne a ce site. Le seul probl猫mes c'est que je sais pas vraiment bien 茅crire des articles. Je suis soit beaucoup trop m茅taphorique ou beaucoup trop sec et court.

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made my own version of one of the Jewish anarchist flags I'd seen floating around and had been using as my header image

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