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Creatures of the night gather, for the daywalkers pushed us under. They kneel to the crown in wonder, we tear the flesh of the kings asunder

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I think I need to get familiar with my city. From the little I've seen we have a good percentage of college students due to the public college here and a fair portion of workers in the downtown area. I often see people in line for the food banks and such. Getting familiar with the situation here could help me understand the needs of the population and try to push for citizen initiatives to build decentralised structures

People: Ad Nauseam
French: Very good
People: Per Diem
French: Don't say that, only the English say that >:[

French: chat - chats, chien - chiens, table - tables, cheval
Everyone: Chevals?
French: Chevaux >:[

MH, joky 

When I was coming back home I saw a goat standing behind a fence. It was just standing there. Staring. Waiting.

Hot take: all pizza is good and tasty and people should eat whatever thing brings joy to their little pizza loving heart.

I hope that when we start to defeat the rich, we do it super sentai/ power rangers style where me and my squad we all join our power in a single laser and the bourgeois screams and explodes.

cleaning tip for people with adhd/people who get overwhelmed easy: get a box. put everything on the floor in the box. organize the box over time.

getting rich: bad and bougie
getting lich: good and immortal

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