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Hello! I am Wolfen, a queer bi anarchist from Quebec. I'm mainly interested in socialism (of course), gaming, programming, languages and technology. I also enjoy occultism and chaos magic! I hope that this instance will finally be my home on the fediverse and I can't wait to connect with you people ^^. I also have an AD account @snarkydragonbutt where I'm lewd and also furry trash.

Take a gun, shoot the dirty dishes 🔫

☭ And this is what it proposes when I start typing cucumber

🔫 This is what my phone proposes when I start typing revolution

Doing the dishes is revolutionary praxis

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Parliament: A compound word from "parler" (to speak) and "mentir" (to lie).
-- Anonymous

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The best Mastodon meme was when we told each other how much we loved and cared for one another

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Gender is binary.

Stay with me here.

Binary is 0 or 1.

But guess what.

You can put multiple bits together,

and it's still binary.

We even use this to represent text.

For example, if your gender is a man in a business suit levitating, that's standardized to be the binary gender 11110000 10011111 10010101 10110100 11101111 10111000 10001111

Any time you see someone say their binary gender is 11110000 10011111 10010101 10110100 11101111 10111000 10001111, you know for sure they mean their gender is a man in a business suit levitating.

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Give me girls or give me... Boys or enbies or whoever really, I'm not fussy

I'm dumb and even after reading about it: I still don't understand what reactionary means...

Faĉistojn ni piedfrapas, Kune ni venkas!

La homaro neniam estos tute libera dum la kapitalismo ekzistas

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"Why do anarchists hate voting?", some ask.
They must have had teachers intent on teaching opposite of truth.

Anarchists want you to, in a form or other, vote on everything in your life, always, by vote or act, just... not only every 3/4/5 years and then be violently blocked from ruling your own life, unless they happened to be one of the few already empowered enough to be able to run for mandates that wasn't for them to take nor for any other of the parliamentarism voters to give away, just existed because some dead white dudes said long ago it's the only way to self-govern, while part of the ruling-class.
Or, you know, you COULD have representatives too in some forms of anarchism, but only if their representation was immediately revocable, as otherwise it's not representative at all, just as "representative democracy" is not representative but is directly anti-democratic.

Reading anarchist theory on lunch break 😎

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Which of these tactics is the most effective? All of them. I'm a Libertarian Socialist, an Anarchist-without-Adjectives. I believe that as we are a broad and diverse group of people, we require a broad and diverse range of tactics. Not a one-size-fits-all treatment prescribed from the top.

It doesn't matter to me which organizational form you go with, just that you get out there and create some dual power. (Unless you can't or don't want to, that's chill)

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A disorganized movement is obviously quite different, so requires different tactics. Insurrectionary movements made up of lone wolves and small affinity groups can do a lot of damage if their aims are truly anarchist in nature.

The great tragedy of the London riots is that a huge movement of angry people retaking their streets, became an outlet for fulfilling our consumerist desires. London's police were impotent to stop the riots, and in the face of such impotence we achieved fuck all. Why? Because our targets weren't positions of power. We weren't raiding Scotland Yard or burning the Old Bailey, we were raiding Tesco's and burning carpet warehouses.

Due to the nature of insurrection, it's harder to prescribe a treatment. So I'll leave you something to bare in mind:

Next time your police are in a position of impotence. When their numbers are stretched thin by riots, weather or a fucking royal wedding, get out where they can't stop you and do some fucking damage to them.

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