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my genders or lack thereof Show more

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hey world! these are my demands re: gender Show more

only open if you only click on content warnings that don't apply to you Show more

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korra/politics Show more

misogynist spambots psa Show more

mh representation/jessica jones general Show more

queer culture is becoming unable to hear the word "gaze" as anything but "gays"

on trans representation [transmisia,yelling] Show more

why "nsfw" is a bad content warning Show more

same for cops, etc Show more

on "good" landlords Show more

pride/terfs/nazis/cops Show more

witchyhow to capture a scream for later use in a spell?

cis bullshit - making us explain stuff Show more

star trek tos survivor's guide - another cancelled episode [ableism] Show more

on the less than subtle subtext of fairytales Show more

no, not state housing: anarchism Show more

just one reason we'd be better off without landlords [food] Show more

on how and how not to learn from abuse in our communities [abuse meta] Show more

surveillance capitalism Show more

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