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Anarchism isn't just a political ideology and personal philosophy, it's also a social science. Here I've compiled my favourite articles by the Anarchist International Information Service, feel free to check out their others though!

Mathematical formula for Anarchy:

The Anarchist Economic-Political Map:

Anarchy in Norway:

After struggling during years with vanilla point, I finally get the click thanks to !
#art #drawing

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some days I want a time machine so I can go back in time to say "fuck you" to the people who I wasn't strong enough to back when.

I better do some good today, because my enemies will certainly be doing some evil.

When people ask me "yeah but isn't it illegal to discriminate against who they hire like that?" When I talk about my concern mentioning my mental health to employers, I know they're a cop.

do you ever think, damn, I really lost a lot of emotional hp from that

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When your kitty meows to be let out so you open the door and then they sniff and turn the fuck around, you know it's hella cold

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I spent my teenage years living week to week for my favourite tv shows. It's kinda sad that this isn't a thing anymore.

Still boggles my mind that people are expected to pay for a plot on unused and nonapropriated land to build themselves a house.

If nobody's even touched it yet and nobody's using it, what exactly are they paying for??

Even while having a money system, that doesnt make sense to me.

Bizarre stuff, idk.

I'd love if we really expanded allotment to be more like city communal gardens all over the place. Little permacultures we all keep alive to feed a city sustainably and grow a community around through such a joint project

@CornishRepublicanArmy when you gonna just admit you want to join all the pretty sunbeams here on sbc? :blocblob: :P

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