cw: racism, police brutality, mh (- w/ some +) 

So the fundraiser I'm doing on the 7th, I've been trying to promote while making memorial social media posts of people who died from police overreach or systemic racism in general. In searching for them I got so unnerved and depressed that I couldn't continue, so then I got a volunteer team to hand it off to but I had to keep writing personal reflection blurbs for them, and that was somehow even worse. All that plus the charity stream (that I'm really worried will fail) and just America currently and general life, I have not been well. No longer crying my eyes out like I was all weekend, and I dumped the blurbs because just... too much, but I'm worried I will still be unable to sleep till sunrise.

cw: racism, police brutality, mh (- w/ some +) 



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