upcoming charity stream of mine (cw racism, police brutality, tiredness) 

Most of what I've been doing lately has been streaming, and probably since August I really wanted to do a fundraiser since I actually have a platform now. So the past month or so I've been pouring pretty much everything I am into Nov. 7. I'm having a 12-hour stream called "it's a VIBE (Virtual Initiative for Black Equality)" and everything has been prep for that. Making visual promo materials, social media pages, contacting folks, finding people to guest star in stream (which I still actually need. 馃檭). I am so so tired and, tbh, a bit shaken from all the research I've had to do. But I'm really hoping it works out.

upcoming charity stream of mine (cw racism, police brutality, bright colors in poster) 

Link to the fundraiser page and poster download because my brain is still in promo mode even at 2 in the morning:


upcoming charity stream of mine 

Would have just uploaded the poster as a pic so I could add alt text, but for some reason Fedilab won't let me. 馃槖

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