@Olli_W_@lgbt.io why do they need to be rotated? And how? Just turn the pot or also swap their places? I’m not great with plants, but would love to learn!

Just learned there is a chance that my instance might close down - if that’s the case: my former account @whakkee@mastodon.social is redirecting to my current one - I will change the redirect from there to a new one so people can find me.

Heard a New Zealander say “the deck is bigger than the house” in a show about tiny houses, and we couldn’t stop laughing. Yep I’m 12. 😜

@teslas_moustache I still have some chards in my raised bed from the previous season - that stuff just keeps growing, and can be used in various recipes

Of course after a little over half an hour it started to rain, and gardening in the rain always seems to take twice as much energy for only half the fun. I did clean up almost half of one of my raised beds, and I put some winter peas and snow peas on a moist paper towel to germinate. It’s a start! 🌱😊

@teslas_moustache that looks great! Any idea what you’re going to grow in it?

From birdsite 

@breakthesystem I don’t know any of those, so can’t tell - sorry!

mental health, bereavement 

@griffinkate I think (not that it matters what I think, but hey) it’s a totally legitimate feeling. Your time is precious, and a friendship can’t be about just one of the two persons. It can be for a bit, but not all the time. It needs some balance at some point. Don’t be too hard on yourself ❤️

mental health, bereavement 

@griffinkate do you have each other’s phone numbers? A phone call might help staying in touch in a relatively easy way, if the real life meetup fails.

mental health 

@griffinkate this is me sometimes, it varies a lot

@GwenfarsGarden outside?! That’s amazing! I think I should try to find myself a hellebore (or seeds) as well ❤️😊

If the weather is somewhat cooperative tomorrow, I’m going to kick off the new season for my veggie garden. Sowing some stuff and making a planning. Looking forward to it! 😊

Hi! I’ve been gone for a while - how are things on Mastodon?

@kensanata we have one that is the size of 2.5 cats, but has the mind of a kitten (a Maine Coon) - especially him I don’t trust around potentially poisonous stuff

@kensanata in Dutch they’re called amaryllis. I think they’re beautiful, but not sure if they’re safe for my cats. Unfortunately many beautiful flowers are poisonous

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