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@fahrni and cute - I have the same thing, also with mice, bunnies, whatever face washing animals

@GwenfarsGarden I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it 😳 - that should be fixable though


@griffinkate that’s odd? I don’t see posts from people I follow there, if they use a word that I’ve muted

Christmas, gender roles 

@griffinkate if you’ve posted 7 cards, you’re 7 cards ahead of me, as I’m currently at a whopping count of 0 😉

@RotundCat @hugh oh so it’s not a setting on the web that then is also set in whatever app I use? I might try Tusky then...

@hugh thanks a lot! I’ll try the web app! I’m using Amaroq and I don’t see the option in there. <3

@hugh really? Would love to learn how! I’d like to hide all boosts - I’m more interested in what the people I follow have to say that what the people _they_ follow have to say!

I wish there was a way to not show what other people that I follow, boosted on mastodon

@benjancewicz I’ve seen them (but not in the wild) and had forgotten they were this big!

@breakthesystem this gif reminds me of Cow and Chicken. Do you remember Cow and Chicken? Was fun ;-)

Knitting, finishing all the things 

@jules that’s a great idea, I’d like to join you in finishing WIPs! I’m going to start with a pair of socks, that I started in Norway 2 years ago. It’s 6 ply yarn, a little thicker than usual, so those socks might come in handy in the upcoming winter! that’s a beautiful birdie, thanks 😊

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