@breakthesystem true, but a MacBook is usually even more expensive

@breakthesystem that’s… uhm… complicated in the case of a computer?


@davidgarywood hope you’ll feel better soon 🤞

@breakthesystem it’s always past midnight, until the next midnight

@arroz @bigzaphod hmm good one - my desk is slightly higher than my husband’s while he’s more than 15cm taller than I am. That’s *probably* a red flag. 😜

@annika it’s so much like Norwegian (“hva heter du” / “navn”)!

@endocrimes getting back on the bike is probably the only way to get over it. Good luck, you can do it - start slowly, and build up from there. 🍀

@breakthesystem but is it Mimi? Or is it Momo? I still have trouble telling them apart 😅

@griffinkate I haven’t read that post, or the one about an improvement. I’ve not been here for… 2 years or so? And because I noticed in my email that I had new follow requests I signed in. Then I couldn’t figure out for over half an hour how to accept the requests. I feel like such a n00b again here 🤦‍♀️

@Olli_W_@lgbt.io why do they need to be rotated? And how? Just turn the pot or also swap their places? I’m not great with plants, but would love to learn!

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