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Maaaaybe removing the smallest carrots and just leaving the biggest / strongest one in one place would have been better, but I kinda forgot about them 😜🤣🥕

My basil is in bloom, didn’t even know that was possible!

If I’m late I’ll blame that truck in front of us....

“running to stand still” - that’s just rubbing it in!

Anyone any idea what this is? Seems like some type of poppy maybe? I left it for now, might give a nice flower...

Did a short post dinner walk, and came across these flowers. Don’t know their names, but they’re gorgeous

Anyone know what this is? Looks like some weird type of fungus?

My baby basils - aren’t they cute? Hopefully I don’t end up accidentally killing them like last years basil plants... 🌱

Any idea what this is, and if it’ll eat my plants? I’ve found them in my raised bed, before putting the sugarsnaps in. Took out what I could find (~4 of them), but probably didn’t find all of them. (Picture is enlarged)

Gardening question: I’m using this transparent cling film, to cover up my peas while they sprout. Is there a way to do this and use less plastic?

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