Of course after a little over half an hour it started to rain, and gardening in the rain always seems to take twice as much energy for only half the fun. I did clean up almost half of one of my raised beds, and I put some winter peas and snow peas on a moist paper towel to germinate. It’s a start! 🌱😊

And in the mean time, while I’m trying to do my work, this guy just sits there, laughing at me

I loved hanging out with the puffins on Orkney. Maybe I can go back someday

I just sooo want the next sentence to be “I need no sympathy”

Thanks Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿- we had a great time! 👋

Last Thursday, at Westray - Orkney, and I’m still smiling.

(Huge thanks to Westraak tours, who made it a great day for us!)

@_javajunkie@mastodon.social you have your own cathedral?!

screen shot of profile I want to report 

Could someone help me to report this profile? I’m blocking it now, but reporting seems like something that can’t be done while on mobile - or st least, I haven’t found it yet

global warming much? 😩🥵🌞🔥

(And where I live houses don’t commonly have a/c. Given the amount of energy an a/c uses, I think they should only be used in e.g. medical institutions and preferably in combination with solar panels)

Yesterday there was nothing and this morning all my baby cucumbers sprouted, it’s like they’re on steroids (no they’re not) 🥒 🌱

some fresh carrots and sugar snaps, just harvested 🥕

First tomatoes are ready and they’re so delicious! 🍅 🌱

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