Knitting, finishing all the things 

Here are the 3 projects I want to focus on first.

A pair of socks in a 100% non-superwash wool portugese sockyarn.

A pair of gloves out of leftover and dark grey sock yarn.

A big fluffy triangular shawl with a brioche and cable pattern on one edge in brown wool and alpaca yarn.

#enbyknits #knitting


Knitting, finishing all the things 

@jules that鈥檚 a great idea, I鈥檇 like to join you in finishing WIPs! I鈥檓 going to start with a pair of socks, that I started in Norway 2 years ago. It鈥檚 6 ply yarn, a little thicker than usual, so those socks might come in handy in the upcoming winter!

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