I recently learned that New Zealand have expanded the range of indicators for how they measure their country's success. It's not just about the economy any more.

It's about current wellbeing, future wellbeing and their impact on other countries. That covers a huge range of stuff, including biodiversity, life expectancy, literacy, greenhouse gas emissions...everything from fish stocks to child poverty.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Feminists have long said that GDP is a patriarchal measure because it ignores the value of women's unpaid work. It's also useless in so many other ways. Well done to New Zealand for coming up with a better way of measuring how your country is doing.

They're not the only country doing this, but they're one of very few trailblazers.


@griffinkate yet another reason that if we did leave the UK for southern hemisphere, we'd go to NZ, not Oz.


@griffinkate @GwenfarsGarden we almost moved to New Zealand in 2002, but then didn’t. I love it and we have relatives there, but it’s so very remote

@GwenfarsGarden @puffinus_puffinus @whakkee @griffinkate In the capstone course for my "sustainability sciences" degree a quarter of the class was devoted to alternative metrics of wellbeing and their importance. I forgot most of it except the obvious "GDP is almost worthless"

@GwenfarsGarden GNH is a good idea, but real talk, Bhutan is a fairly oppressive monarchy that treats its ethnic minorities very badly, and that deploys the idea of GNH for public image purposes. (Obviously, yes, settler democracies are shitty too, just raising this to say "stay critical".)

@puffinus_puffinus @whakkee @GwenfarsGarden Yeah, that's the most famous example. Great to see other countries coming round to the same idea.

@whakkee @griffinkate we've talked about it. I love NZ and have friends there, but yeh, the remoteness is definitely a problem. I always said the biggest problem with Australia is that it wasn't in Europe. That goes for NZ too.

Plus, I just love the UK, despite how much it's trying to destroy itself.

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