With this heat, I put out water for cats who can’t or won’t go inside - my cat’s can (but like it outside), but some other cats may not be able to. Probably the hedgehog who lives in our backyard also drinks from it and maybe birds or insects.

Also when I saw the mailman, I opened the door, offered him a glass of water and filled up his water bottle.

Not saying this to brag, but hoping others do the same. Also: if you have more ideas on how to help people and animals, I’d love to hear them.

@whakkee We put out water for the local bees (and other insects) but the birds use it too. (Cats can't get to our roof terrace)

@whakkee I put a wet cool tea towel over my greyhound to cool him down.

I also give him and my other dog ice cubes to crunch up—but it’s important to watch the size as they could damage teeth on big cubes.

@Brainship ah I don’t have a dog, and my cats aren’t that much into wet things. Great idea otherwise!

@whakkee as for people. As someone with memory issues it’s v helpful for ppl to offer me drinks/remind me so I’ll stay hydrated.

A lot of other disabled ppp struggle with heat regulation so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on us:

@whakkee You're very kind and thoughtful. I hope you get some relief soon.

@fahrni at least I was able to sleep last night

Ok, ok, I cheated... booked myself a hotel room with a/c for 1 night, because I was _so_ done with it 🤪

@whakkee I do not blame you. That kind of heat without A/C is hard to deal with.

Where we live folks used to sleep on their porches prior to A/C being a thing. Anything to escape the heat.

@fahrni the night before we put up the tent (to avoid mosquitoes, still have a couple bites) in the back yard, but last night it was still 27C way past midnight. And the humidity still pretty high.

@whakkee We have a dry heat here, so that definitely helps. I can't imagine having to sleep in that. I know I did as a kid, but I was a kid. It was a lot easier to cope with.

@whakkee to help pets cool down, you can wet, twist and freeze a washcloth, and the animals can lick and chew on it and enjoy the cold and moisture but it's soft on teeth. And reuseable. Once it thaws, you rewet it and freeze it again.

@whakkee The Iron Rule of the Desert - water to your guests, your life to protect theirs...

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