global warming much? 😩🥵🌞🔥

(And where I live houses don’t commonly have a/c. Given the amount of energy an a/c uses, I think they should only be used in e.g. medical institutions and preferably in combination with solar panels)

@whakkee 35 without AC is going to make for long days.😔

@fahrni nights are awful too when it doesn’t cool off enough we did this now, doesn’t look fancy, but hey 🤷‍♀️

@whakkee Hey, whatever it takes to stay cool. It might be worth staying outside during the day. Drink lots of water. We’re accustomed to hot days where I live. We get months and months over 35. All next week we’re expected to be over 38 all week.

@fahrni during the day, outside is warmer than inside. I might put up my tent in the back yard, because in there it cools off faster, so maybe better for sleeping. Over 30 is very uncommon here.

@fahrni also... 106F?! That’s... that’s... over 41C?!?! 😱 🔥🥵

@whakkee Yes, it gets hot here. In August we’ll hit 110-115 a few times.

@whakkee I live in the San Joaquin Valley of California. It's where a lot of the worlds food is grown. Inland between LA and San Francisco.

I can only hope that these heatwaves prompt cities to take actions that will help cool them down. (You know, things like making cities greener and changing how new buildings are designed to better cope with higher temps)

@zabet yep definitely - and hopefully in more creative ways than just “let’s install more and bigger A/Cs”

Oh yeah, that'd just end up making things worst honestly.

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