Yay we have sun! So instead of a short lunchtime walk, I did some weeding in my tiny veggie garden. As I ended up neglecting it after summer, it’s a huge mess. Still far from ready, but if it’s operational beginning of March, that’s fine with me. Now I’m wondering if parsley can live one or two years, it doesn’t seem dead to me so ¯\_°(ツ)_/¯

@whakkee looks good and yay for the return of the sun. Growing up in Australia I never really got 🌞 worship but I do now.

@gromit I’m not really a sun worshiper, but it’s a lot more inviting to go out in autumn/winter/spring with a bit of sun ☀️😎

@whakkee Hey, you have a square foot garden set up! Looking good.

I don't know anything about parsley, hopefully someone else can tell you if it is still ok.

@GwenfarsGarden yup - hoping to get another one this year, so I can have more herbs. Fresh herbs are really expensive in the supermarket here, and super easy to grow yourself

@whakkee fresh herbs are expensive and seeds/small pots of herbs are relatively cheap in comparison. I love being able to pick fresh herbs just when I need them

@GwenfarsGarden they also taste a lot better than dried herbs🌿

@whakkee they do. Though saying that, I going to start drying some herbs to carry me over the colder months. Particularly for something like Oregano which I use a lot and which dies back in winter

@whakkee Parsley is a biennial, so it'll focus most of its growth on flowers and seeds its second year — it reseeds itself readily, which is great if you never want to plant parsley again, but not so good if you don't want a big sprawly parsley plant in your raised bed! Also, the seeds have an amazing flavor, I've used them as a spice.

@nessotropheion ah thank you! I indeed don't want a huge plant - it was already very big last year... maybe I'll just put it in a big pot and see if it survives that. If it does, I have free tiny parsley plants the next year, for myself, and to hand out to friends.

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