Hi! 👋
My name is Marga and I’m new on sunbeam.city, just moved here from mastodon.social, so it’s time for an . I’m interested in:

(don’t know a lot about it yet)

(but only if they’re nice)

Not necessarily in that order, and it’s probably also not a complete list.

Thanks to the sunbeam.city people for hosting my new account!☀️🏡

@GeekAndDad I preferred a smaller, more specific instance, am interested in the solar punk movement, and some friends are already on sunbeam.city, so moving to that instance felt logical

@GeekAndDad it also changes my home feed, yes - what I like about Mastodon is how it's decentralized. That feeling is stronger with a smaller instance.


@GeekAndDad you can still follow people from various instances, there's still hashtags too. My current iOS client allows me to have multiple accounts, so also notifications from multiple accounts. (I only use one though)

@GeekAndDad I have Amaroq, and in the settings screen you can switch. I believe there are more clients that do multiple accounts. I’m not sure if Amaroq does notifications for both at the same time, but worst case I could just use two different clients for that if I wanted to. I don’t though, in the past I spent a lot of time on social media, and I prefer to do more offline things now.

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