As this is my most successful post outside of Facebook I'm going to plug my mom!

She'll make this piece for $15 each, will take color preferences, and can do kitchen knives instead of combat knives if that's what you would prefer!

She also makes childcare gear, blankets, and other cool stuff with all kinds of fabric and patterns.

You can reach her by email at

Include something like "Knife Embroidery" in the subject. I may have gotten ahead of myself, that might be the only project she wants to make several copies of, so that's the most readily available project.

I'm a dink and dropped a letter in that email. is right

My mom has gotten two orders for this one and the kitchen knife version, which is pictured below. Thanks! My family could really use the boosted income.

The picture is low quality and also rendition one. Mine is the latest work so you can see that the stitching has improved considerably.

I boost this post on a monthly basis because it never fails to get my mom at least one customer. Thanks to everyone who participates in sharing it.

@weapxnfriend @twistylittlepassages

Oh sweet. I'm sorely tempted to get one and sew it onto a jacket as a patch.

@weapxnfriend shes a true artist, she can defeat thanos just by one hand, god knows if shes powerful than shaggy

@weapxnfriend How often does your mother get passive aggressive about dishwashing?

@Hyatt I wouldn't know, I did all of the dishwashing until I moved out. But I think that got passed down from child to child.

@Angusbob here for two whole seconds and you're already heckling me.

The wicked truly never sleep.

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