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Tried out my DIY soup can stove today and it worked better than I expected. Frying sausages took only a small handful of twigs and pine cones collected from the forest floor. Much more efficient than a bonfire.

morning folks. Attack and dethrone God, I guess

Ive been wanting a color organ for years and one was given to me this morning <3 <3 <3

It’s a small thing, but learning to change the firmware on my printer has been a great experience. If I could have this kind of access to all of my devices it would be a game changer. It feels like less of a mystery, and more like something thats mine.

Did you know that if you've ruined a bag of brown sugar by letting it dry out, you can fix it with a moist piece of terracotta? I sure didn't. My sugar had sat dry for several months.

me, 7yo: i hope i live in interesting times
me now: *sitting in a lawn chair on my front yard, watching the slow collapse of the Continental American Empire* haha neat

Chillin in the bucket garden, and having a good night. I hope all of you are out there having a good night as well

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