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happy lughnasadh y'all

The phrase "injunctive relief" is rattling through my brain now. For a big newspaper, I appreciate the broadness of scope of remedial action envisioned by the author. The causal list is long but I would have also appreciated mention of the nationwide buyout and removal of city trolley systems by fuel/auto complex.

"Americans Shouldn’t Have to Drive, but the Law Insists on It

The automobile took over because the legal system helped squeeze out the alternatives."

sci-hub's logo has no business going as hard as it does. this crow gonna help me gain access to arcane knowledge

It wasn’t my best work, but I’ve never seen the sun rise on the beach ❤️

meta, kiwifarms 

Dear ppl who listens to podcasts
Hardcore History is one of the best podcasts I've ever listened to

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