I look away for just a moment and a raccoon has stolen all my tortillas. We will rebuild.

sad stuff 

The funny thing is that my last posts on here are from back before my life fell apart. I’m getting a handle on things now step by step, but just looking at my old posts from before reminds me of who I want to be again. I’ve moved into my car, and found out I’m an insulin dependent diabetic in the last bit. Looking at these old pics just blows my mind. Reminds me that I can get upright again.

Been away for a while but back for obvious reasons. I forgot how much more calming my local community is compared to the other place. Shifting my mind lately due to life stuff.

Hey sunbeam folks! I’ve been away for a bit, but wanted to become a regular user here again. Things seem a bit different and I checked around the wiki to see what’s up, but I figured I’d ask here.
I joined the matrix channel and it all looks to be encrypted on my end. Is there a current governing body anymore? Is there a way for me to send some funds monthly? I don’t have much to give but if I’m using the service I’d prefer to be a contributing member on some level. I’m just wanting to rejoin mastodon and always liked it here. Any help, or insight to the current server norms would be deeply appreciated.

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