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me, 7yo: i hope i live in interesting times
me now: *sitting in a lawn chair on my front yard, watching the slow collapse of the Continental American Empire* haha neat

Chillin in the bucket garden, and having a good night. I hope all of you are out there having a good night as well

@bootblackCub I really really enjoyed it. Reminded me of the documentary "the examined life" with fun animation.

Hanging out playing Tak. I highly suggest this game to anyone interested. The rules are free (linked below), and you can easily craft your own components (checkers will do in a pinch) It's low/no money fun for anyone.

First time sewing. Its deeply imperfect but so am I. (Eye contact selfie)

@Thunderfree I made friends with someone who works for the city and maintains the panels they use for monitoring stations. They tend to turn them quickly if they lose even a bit of efficiency.

Was up before dawn eager to see my new solar setup working. Felt like a kid at christmas. Lol

Hear the Very First Adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984 in a Radio Play Starring David Niven (1949)

I'm setting up an RSS reader right now, any of my web folks have good blog or podcast suggestions? Even a cool webcomic?

Does anyone have a basic guide to food gardening, especially written for someone (me) intimidated by it?

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