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Does anyone have a basic guide to food gardening, especially written for someone (me) intimidated by it?

Please spread the word that SBC is not being shut down. And no one needs to scramble to save their content as it is not being deleted. #Sunbeam #SBC #SunbeamCity

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@SolarpunkActionWeek is starting tomorrow and the first thing im gonna do is fix up and punk out my backpack its gonna be sick

later in the week i'm planning to make one or more uH pallet benches for the bus stops in my neighborhood!


@zatnosk @liaizon very cool and very good. If any help is needed lemme know. Id like to see the instance survive.


Im sure lots of people have asked this, but what steps are needed to stop SBC from going under. Is there a conversation happening somewhere I’ve missed?

A symphony in Washington is livestreaming tonight due to Covid-19. A link to the concert will be posted later today on the link below so keep an eye out. :)


So I've enjoyed my time here, and I hate to see SBC die, but I think I'm going down with the ship. A brief search around for another instance has shown me that I don't care to move. I appreciate the work that was put in from Puffin, SqueakyPancake, and all of you. I've watched things on discourse unfold. You folks have made a place I was glad to call home on the web while it lasted. I think I'll try Scuttlebutt again. xoxo to all of you, you've been a rad community and I'll miss ya.

Subeam City, Meta, Staying in touch 

I made a thread for staying in touch with Sunbeam peeps.

The forum will be up for a while longer even if the instance goes down.

Playing with reduced power consumption computing. loads great on a 1 gig of ram single board computer (rock64) (armbian). A nerd on a budget that doesn't mind linux, and doesn't mind limited resources could access the web for less than 20 bucks.

I've got more resource intensive systems, but it's always seemed a bit much to use them just to check my email and look at a few webcomics.

I could do all of that on a smart phone mind you, but phone computing comes with a whole host of privacy and advertising issues.

death mention 

Do you ever hear a song and think "Damn I want that played at my funeral". I mean I'm not wanting to die anytime soon, but when I do I have a feeling my friends will be subjected to a whole bunch of The Mountain Goats.

my work wants me to be the social media person too now which would probably need me to come in more but even though it's a smol place im still wondering how bad it'd be to just start amping up posts to the Twitter and Instagram tenfold. mostly with humanitarian right stuff and anti police and government posts when i don't have new images.

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