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sexual defacement of presidunt o' merica reelection campaign sign 

Final Gravity 15.22% ABV cheap and easy. I think it would be good mixed into a funky sangria, but tonight I'm drinking it straight up. Turbo Cider is next. :toot: 🍎

People often ask me why I'm so strong , and so talented at competitive athletic sports. Well the secret is out.

setting up some hooch for a fun night in a few weeks. This is damn cheap and easy. Who knows how it's gonna taste, but I'll drink it. Grape concentrate, sugar, yeast.


flashing lights 

Progress is being made a little at a time on the color organ <3

@teslas_moustache Hell even if its a hand full of potatoes, it's deeply empowering to make food from the soil. My tomato plant has provided tiny lil tomatoes all summer and its been a true joy.

It ain't much but it's honest. The potato buckets from my apartment deck are starting to produce.

Tech; socialism; democratization of tech 

"Because all the day’s computers, including Galaksija, ran their programs on cassette, Regasek thought Modli might broadcast programs over the airwaves as audio during his show. The idea was that listeners could tape the programs off their receivers as they were broadcast, then load them into their personal machines.

An overnight sensation, this DJing practice quickly became a staple on Modli’s show. In the ensuing months, Ventilator 202 broadcast hundreds of computer programs. During the hour, Modli would announce when the segment was approaching, signaling to his listeners that it was time for them to fetch their equipment, cue up a tape, and get ready to hit record. Fans began to write programs with the expressed intention of mailing them into the station and broadcasting them during the segment."

So trying to learn sewing again.
This machine confounds me, I can't seem to figure out why it doesn't consistently catch the bobin thread.

New tattoo. I'm trying to get a new one every year til I die. This year tells the story of becoming more domestic. It's my favorite pyrex pattern. <3

Found a snail shell, saw a perfect rainbow (partner took that awesome shot), made a great pizza (molasses is a great additive)

@clover yeah a customer came and gave away a ton of them today :)

3d printed a cute button, and found what I think is Cinnabar Chanterelle. Still not ready to eat things I find.

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