Final Gravity 15.22% ABV cheap and easy. I think it would be good mixed into a funky sangria, but tonight I'm drinking it straight up. Turbo Cider is next. :toot: 🍎

People often ask me why I'm so strong , and so talented at competitive athletic sports. Well the secret is out.

setting up some hooch for a fun night in a few weeks. This is damn cheap and easy. Who knows how it's gonna taste, but I'll drink it. Grape concentrate, sugar, yeast.


flashing lights 

Progress is being made a little at a time on the color organ <3

It ain't much but it's honest. The potato buckets from my apartment deck are starting to produce.

New tattoo. I'm trying to get a new one every year til I die. This year tells the story of becoming more domestic. It's my favorite pyrex pattern. <3

Found a snail shell, saw a perfect rainbow (partner took that awesome shot), made a great pizza (molasses is a great additive)

3d printed a cute button, and found what I think is Cinnabar Chanterelle. Still not ready to eat things I find.

selfie eyecontact?? 

Havin fun with an old camcorder. Someone donated a box of old tech to me today.

selfie eye contact 

Hung out with my cat, hiked, used polymer clay, its been a food weekend.

Ive been wanting a color organ for years and one was given to me this morning <3 <3 <3

It’s a small thing, but learning to change the firmware on my printer has been a great experience. If I could have this kind of access to all of my devices it would be a game changer. It feels like less of a mystery, and more like something thats mine.

Chillin in the bucket garden, and having a good night. I hope all of you are out there having a good night as well

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