Blood Mention 

italian painters: what does an angel look like?

priest: well the bible says it's a big wheel with eyes and it's on fire

italians: ok so a dude with bird wings wearing a bed sheet. got it

my work wants me to be the social media person too now which would probably need me to come in more but even though it's a smol place im still wondering how bad it'd be to just start amping up posts to the Twitter and Instagram tenfold. mostly with humanitarian right stuff and anti police and government posts when i don't have new images.

download playlists from youtube in linux with a single command! ;)

#oneLiner #bash #linuxAmazing

$ youtube-dl -i --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 -o "%(title)s.%(ext)s" `echo "" | sed 's/v=.*\&//'`


this valentines day, give your special someone the gift of arch linux

stop being weird about how old you are. i'm 30. that's not shameful, thats cool as hell. i survived 30 years in this hellscape and i'm still, like, a kid.

there's no timeline that you have to accomplish anything by in order to be properly successful. those 30 under 30 lists of successful kids are kids that either hit the damn lottery of lucky breaks or had wealthy parents. that's not a failure on your part.

like, be proud of your age. every level up is an achievement.

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