I just found out about and they're amazing:

Anything else I'm missing out on?

i agree with most parts with few important exceptions. the whole anarchist thing about hierarchy destruction totally ignores how humans interact with each other. and is very naive in general.
but the ideia of the individual taking the power to drive it own life is something life changing.

@vhfmag ever heard of Objectivism? i think you would find it very interesting .

@year_2038 I think maybe the choice of words sounds naïve (let's get rid of hierarchy!) but that the point (that power shouldn't have a rigid, contextless structure but a dynamic, contextual, fluid, adaptative one) quite compelling

@year_2038 and I think it's worth it taking these "human nature" arguments with a grain of salt. Are those backed by anthropological evidence? Otherwise, they can be just as easily attributed to culture (even if it's noticed across cultures - the whole "civilized" world is ingrained with western values), in which case we do have a choice

@vhfmag yes, as long it's manifested in a constructive way, without demolishing what we as individuals have already achieved.

@vhfmag and I guess anything a bit more complex than usual when put in a marketing campaign will inevitably sound naive.

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