What the fuuuuuuck how have I never heard of the Landless Worker's Movement


It's a horizontal squatting organization in Brazil somewhat akin to the Diggers, who occupy unused land it and just build farming communities on them. And it's worked. A lot of their squats have been recognized by the state. They now have over 1.5 *million* members, and I've never fucking heard of them


@socalledunitedstates not only that but:

- It is (according to BBC, for that matter) the biggest producer of organic rice in Latin America: bbc.com/portuguese/brasil-3977 (in portuguese)

- It uses outstandingly ecological methods, like agroforestry: mst.org.br/2018/10/24/agroecol (in portuguese too)

And they've been a major political force in the last decades, despite being constantly attacked by the agropecuary elite and the big media. They're really not popular here

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