@garrett godspeed.

Personally, I am trying to start with the barest basics, and to finish what I started.

This corner position in Go is 'seki' (セキ) or "mutual life" and I think that may reveal deeper truths about the universe.

@garrett Right on, right on.

I had a vague idea to write about 'empty suits' and vanguard capitalism as a myth story, as if it's some bygone era of human history. They would have all their foibles and mythical prowess as do Greek or Norse gods...

Feel free to take that idea and run with it.

@jalcine yikes. well, if someone wants to be forgotten, it wouldn't be too hard to run a query/command and remove all their syndicated posts.

📑 :eyethink:

@jalcine Oh gotcha! That's a good point and kinda hairy. I guess if they are responding from Twitter and you syndicate it then they are publishing under TWTR TOS, then?

I don't know about Pleroma's modularity, but yeah, going for less glue and more instant responses from cowboy et al. 👍

@garrett Oh well, then WP has enough security topics to keep you busy for awhile.

What else do you want to write about?

@jalcine re: POSSE and shortlinks - I think we discussed before - Where you mention license attribution, isn't this where rel="canonical" comes in?

I haven't gotten this far... but my basic idea was to pull in Pleroma as a library to handle fedi stuff. Just trying to keep as much in Elixir/OTP as possible.

@uranther kind of amazing that a minor gag in an old comedy is one of the most cogent political statements I've seen in art in my life

@garrett PHP security? Apache?

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

or is it that it's turtles all the way down? :thinkhappy:

Well that, and I heard Noam Chomsky say anarcho-syndicalism is his favorite.

Real talk.. The "Repressed Citizen" scene from Monty Python and The Holy Grail is probably where I first learned about and what got me interested in anarcho-syndicalism.

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