This corner position in Go is 'seki' (セキ) or "mutual life" and I think that may reveal deeper truths about the universe.

Real talk.. The "Repressed Citizen" scene from Monty Python and The Holy Grail is probably where I first learned about and what got me interested in anarcho-syndicalism.

Yesterday I finished turning the soil in the garden plot by digging trenches with a shovel.

You might bemoan the manual labor method but for one thing, I don't have a push tiller. Some manual effort is good for the body and it's meditative.

Some rocks and roots were removed. There are plenty of earthworms calling it home. And the plot seems to be situated for the Sun.

I've been told the pine needles from the nearby pine tree make the soil acidic. I've added leaves and clippings for compost.

After all the videos I've watched, this is basically the same conclusion I arrived.

(Source: Unknown)

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