@jalcine re: POSSE and shortlinks - I think we discussed before - Where you mention license attribution, isn't this where rel="canonical" comes in?

I haven't gotten this far... but my basic idea was to pull in Pleroma as a library to handle fedi stuff. Just trying to keep as much in Elixir/OTP as possible.

@uranther regarding licensing, I'm talking about the license that people would be submitting their responses to the site under.

Pulling in Pleroma for that would be dope! I'd want to see if it's on a library-by-library basis (like the ActivityStreams logic so pages can render if searched up in tools like Pinaforce)

@jalcine Oh gotcha! That's a good point and kinda hairy. I guess if they are responding from Twitter and you syndicate it then they are publishing under TWTR TOS, then?

I don't know about Pleroma's modularity, but yeah, going for less glue and more instant responses from cowboy et al. 👍

@jalcine yikes. well, if someone wants to be forgotten, it wouldn't be too hard to run a query/command and remove all their syndicated posts.

📑 :eyethink:

@uranther oh totally simple; according to Webmention; it should be as simple to re-running the original query. Bridgy transforms those remote responses from silos into more IndieWeb friendly pages (200, 410 stuff)

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