the fairest phone is the one you keep out of the landfill

repair what you got
buy what someone else had

no supply chain is clean under capitalism

@tulsi ok but hiw much of ny precious and only time should i spend fixing legacy issues? e.g. a blackberry bold i just tried to fix up requires an old computer with an old version of windows to sync with. old versions of software are more prone to security issues, including tracking software from surveilance capitalism.
old batteries can’t be recycled easily and replacing them is effectively buying a new thing.
i love the sentiment but every time i try it out the math just doesn’t add up.

@tulsi it seems like, realistically this can only work with very specific kinds of hardware for which there’s a lot of support, standard replacement parts, a replacable firmware, and an active open source dev community with security experts who get paid somehow because- let’s be honest, nobly starving to death for the good of “smashing capitalism” is silly. we still gotta eat.

@tulsi now i am trying to fix up an old palm os device, and it looks like i’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars on supplies and equipment to succeed.

@zensaiyuki @tulsi some stuff just gets used up. It's fine. No one's asking you to toot from a VIC 20.

@zensaiyuki @tulsi yeah, well, that's what we'd call a worthy goal.

Anyway, I buy refurbished phones on EBay and flash LineageOS on them, use them for 2-3 years, and then if they work at all after that, I find some passive use for them, such as a camera, sensor node, or storage device. You can even run a tiny webserver on a phone.

@tulsi If you can get a phone that has a user-serviceable battery pack, as in you can replace it if you have a spare? You can usually find a spare online.

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