recommended place to buy seeds online in the US?

@tulsi what kind of seeds are you looking for? Baker Creek ( has lots of veggies, and I also recently found Prairie Moon Nursery which tends more toward grasses, flowers, herbs, etc.

@bedap veggies and herbs! I will check those out thank you

@tulsi I have enjoyed seeds from Baker Creek in MO and Territorial Seeds in OR.

I just ordered some heirlooms from Great Lakes Staple Seeds. This is my first time so we'll see how it goes...
They are a pretty small operation but have some nice native peoples' cultivar descended stock

*DISCLAIMER* The only thing I successfully grow in the garden is tired.

@tulsi I *really* like Fedco seeds in Maine. They're a coop, they have amazing prices, their catalog is an absolute delight, and they have strong opinions about where their seed comes from.

@socalledunitedstates I mean I've already searched my local area. I couldn't find anyway that sold quality seed

@tulsi Have you checked for seed libraries and seed swaps too? My local botanical garden has an open seed library

Not that there's anything wrong with buying seeds online, I'm just trying to help

@socalledunitedstates the goddamned state gov has shutdown all the seed libraries.

@socalledunitedstates I did actually just find a local museum that sells heirloom seeds so I'm going to get some from there

@socalledunitedstates protecting corporate interests of course. The only thing a government does well

@tulsi I had a good experience ordering from Territorial Seed Company. They seem like a nice small company, not one of the big seed conglomerates.

@tulsi Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. They're a worker-run coop with a bunch of interesting heirloom varieties grown by small farmers.

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