El socialismo
puede llegar sólo en bicicleta

Socialism may only arrive by bicycle

I've had this line stuck in my head since a professor referenced this work in an environmental studies class focused on climate refugees.

Been thinking about working on my Spanish just so I can make it through the source material

@darius please do. For context that class was nearly 4 years ago. I think of this line at least monthly. It's almost become a personal mantra.

Maybe I'll slowly work my way through it with copious google translate.

@tulsi I spent a lot of time compiling code today so while that was happening I co-translated the article with Google Translate. (Google is pretty good at academic articles, I only had to modify one or two key phrases in each paragraph to correct it.)

@darius I can't wait to read it! thank you for this 💚

@Stoori haha yaaaas! I've been planning on stenciling this on my bike for ages

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