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Just finished Non-Player Character by @vicorva ! I was excited when I first read the kickstarter pledge, and the final book did not disappoint!

It's a story of found family, queerness, and learning more about yourself in a magical portal fantasy with a happy ending. It features characters with anxiety, autism, chronic pain, and all manner of sexualities! It's so much my shit and I'm so glad it exists in the world!

More details about the book with links to purchase it can be found here:

I wrote a book. You might like it!

A group of queer disaster nerds are teleported into the world of their TTRPG game.

🤗 found family
🏳️‍🌈 all queer cast
💜 ace romance
🦖 shapeshifting
🐱 animal companion
🍵 cosy adventure

Out now!

"So, how does your team share video game assets between each other"

My Life at 800Mhz

"It’s hard to convey how much of an anti-problem this ends up being. This laptop feel a bit cozier, sort of a reprieve from the mainstream flow of the centralization of socialization. [...] most of the things that don’t work well on here are things we don’t need to be using anyhow."

Did some more Sashiko :)
This one is the new panel.
I want this one leg to be fully filled with this...

tl;dr is that i might have to disclose my cptsd to these folx to be able to get accomodations *sigh*

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i asked if i could get some noise-cancelling headphones because they help me focus

he pushed really hard toward no, because he was worried if someone came to my office for tech help, i wouldn't be able to hear a knock on the door.

so i said ok let's experiment with that & see if we can hear the knock /w the headphones on

then he moved the goalpost, and said headphones would give some kind of bad / unavailable impression to people, and that I should want to appear "as available as possible" to people

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his other response when I held the boundary: maybe just take some time and you'll get used to it

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like, please don't ssh into my machine and just start poking around?

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trying to set some boundaries with my boss today, ugh, very rough-going

so far responses are of the flavour "ok i hear you, but remember i can do whatever i want"

depression & anxiety at the same time is.. such a flavour

"The Amish are steadily adopting technology — at their pace. They are slow geeks. As one Amish man told Howard Rheingold,
'We don’t want to stop progress, we just want to slow it down,' But their manner of slow adoption is instructive."

trying to figure out how to keep this institution job from breaking me down :/

it's been hard, so far. days where i can work from home help me stay grounded a lot easier.

exhausted by institutions & bureaucracies

yesterday i had to fill out a form 4 times, and select a total of 168 drop-down menu options

i also got turned away from the background check office after biking there because my manager's signature wasn't in ink

fucccc this shit

My job is up on a hill, so right now I'm using the bus to lug myself up it partway, but as my body gets stronger it's going to be really amazing to hopefully be able to do there/back 100% on my own!

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Biked to/from work for the first times twice this week! 🚵

My body really isn't used to it, and my legs are all weak now, but it's really joyful & fun!

I'm enjoying the process of slowly optimizing my route to maximize quiet cozy neighbourhoods and smooth roads, & avoiding busy streets and downtown areas.

outdoors soldering in nature: 10/10 would recommend*

* bring a sweater

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