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Thinking about software rasterization a bit more lately after a LONG time.

I had forgotten how much fun this subject is to me :3

Here's a screenshot from a voxel heightmap renderer I wrote several years ago.

Writing some matrix/vector math for 3d transforms for my little astronomy project :3

It's hard to tell because it isn't in motion, but it's the 8 vertices of a cube rotating in 3d space.

A fun project of mine has been studying the movement of the moon using a compass and a hand-made inclinometer.

Even though humans figured this stuff out a long time ago, it's been really satisfying to make first-hand observations myself and try to understand the movements of the earth and celestial bodies. :_moonstars:

a little self-closing door trick I saw in a movie (in the background; for like 2 seconds) & replicated :3

Ooo incoming bean!! 🌱

He's a speedy guy: these were taken < 24h apart!

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