anxiety rant 

I've been developing some new feelings towards anxiety recently.

Like, I've been noticing that the feeling of being anxious about something happening / not happening actually feels WAY worse than the actual thing happening / not happening.

For example, one of my things is that I sometimes feel anxious a rando will wanna strike up a convo with me. I anticipate it -- I tense up.

But then the girl at the weed store chats me up, and I *wasn't* anticipating it, and honestly? It was a really nice lil chat. It was fine, and anxiety contributed nothing toward it.

tl;dr fuck anxiety. I'd rather the thing just HAPPEN and I'll figure out how to deal with it. 😠

anxiety rant 

@tty i experience this a lot tbh
like the dread of something ends up worse than when it actually does or doesn't happen

re: anxiety rant 

@tty i have this with driving cars specifically, to the point i basically haven't touched a steering wheel since getting my driver's license .^.

i remember driving to be relatively pleasant once i was allowed to get into the groove, but the anxiety buildup before that made (still makes) me feel actually ill

protip: do NOT stick with a driving instructor who consistently causes breakdown-inducing stress

re: anxiety rant 

@tty Giant mood. There's no limit to what horrors our distressed imaginations can inflict upon us and far more constraints on what could happen in the real world.

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