I love the ideology behind free software, but I really wish it didn't seem to begin & end with computers.

Like, Free Software should also be just as much about sharing other types of resources too, not just code. Food, housing, recipes, tools, skills, etc etc etc!

It just seems to weird to me to have this movement of "let's share code" while people using that code are struggling to feed themselves or get out of abusive households or are barely scraping by on shitty job wages.

@tty I agree. Folks should share their pickling recipes more.

@tty check out library socialism!!! Exactly what you’re talking about!

@tty I really like to have FLOSS be: Free Libre and Open Source STUFF for this reason

@tty agree but also I wouldn't cram any more meaning into a term that is already misunderstood by people. If I'm talking about Libre Software, I'm kinda referring to software tbh.

Libre Culture seems a good definition of what you describe. Now, should Libre Software and Culture go together? Sure, I think it's weird to have one without the other.

The context of the free(dom) software advocate cannot be ignored; a certain specific demographic with security of tenure at elite universities. As a consequence the concept of free(dom) software is laudable by unrealistic.

@tty what do you feel is missing from terms like mutual aid and anarchism? to me those encompass so of the critique and activism you're referencing

@metasyn It's more like, I'm bummed that so many otherwise smart people have limited their ways of contributing to computer-only things.

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