repairing vs patching 

Gradually realizing the difference between a repair and a.. "patch"? "Workaround"? I'm still trying to find the right words.

An illustrative example:

- Repair: fixing something that's broken such that it works basically as well as before (or better!).

- "Patch": restoring baseline functionality, but perhaps you need to remember to wiggle the thing first, or the other thing is now super finnicky, or you need to hold it at an awkward angle, or you need to re-patch it again in a couple of weeks.

Does this resonate with any of y'all? Interested in terminology & general thoughts re: how y'all approach repairs!


The realization is that a lot of my "repairs" are actually patches. It's easy to do a fix that's "good enough", but gosh, if you do enough of those, you actually seem to end up with a lot of annoying fragile systems all over the place that end up being even more work than having had just fixed it thoroughly the first time!

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