repairing vs patching 

Gradually realizing the difference between a repair and a.. "patch"? "Workaround"? I'm still trying to find the right words.

An illustrative example:

- Repair: fixing something that's broken such that it works basically as well as before (or better!).

- "Patch": restoring baseline functionality, but perhaps you need to remember to wiggle the thing first, or the other thing is now super finnicky, or you need to hold it at an awkward angle, or you need to re-patch it again in a couple of weeks.

Does this resonate with any of y'all? Interested in terminology & general thoughts re: how y'all approach repairs!

repairing vs patching 

@tty A common term among sailors is jury-rigged


repairing vs patching 

@neauoire Curious if/how y'all balance your repairs against your jury-riggings!

repairing vs patching 

@tty Our pattern seems to be:

- jury-rig it once
- fails dramatically a year or so late
- do it properly

repairing vs patching 

@neauoire @tty not to be a "well, actually" person, but it's actually "Jerry-rigging". The phrase "jury rigging" or "rigged jury" is a more common phrase due to stories of corrupt court officials...rigging favor either the prosecution or the defense.

Best as anyone can tell, based on my extensive Wikipedia research, is that it's derived from the French "rig du jour" which were *patches* made to wooden ships which were only meant to last a day

repairing vs patching 

@neauoire @tty OTOH, "jury-rigging" has come to mean this, so that's what it means. Nobody is the boss of language.

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