trying to set some boundaries with my boss today, ugh, very rough-going

so far responses are of the flavour "ok i hear you, but remember i can do whatever i want"

like, please don't ssh into my machine and just start poking around?

his response: this is a normal thing that we do

his other response when I held the boundary: maybe just take some time and you'll get used to it

i asked if i could get some noise-cancelling headphones because they help me focus

he pushed really hard toward no, because he was worried if someone came to my office for tech help, i wouldn't be able to hear a knock on the door.

so i said ok let's experiment with that & see if we can hear the knock /w the headphones on

then he moved the goalpost, and said headphones would give some kind of bad / unavailable impression to people, and that I should want to appear "as available as possible" to people

tl;dr is that i might have to disclose my cptsd to these folx to be able to get accomodations *sigh*

@tty i had a manager log into a server i was responsible for, change ssh and security settings for their own convenience without telling me. who do you think was held responsible for the problem this caused a few weeks later? hint: not the boss

@tty Oh wow, that reminds me of Rekka's job in Tokyo, the boss can be toxic af because he basically holds all the cards, he can kick an employee out of the country. That's too much power for anyone to hold.

@neauoire yeah, it sucks really bad. i've been doing this shit for 8 years now. it's getting old.

@tty you may want to start searching for another job if it's gotten this bad this quickly...

@nleigh this job is tied to a work visa for me, so changing jobs re: immigration is quite challenging

@tty ugh, im so sorry you have to deal with this.
Im just thinking about how you could def rig up some sort of mechanism to flash a light or something when someone presses a button.
Even if you couldnt hear its so ridiculous that your boss is against them

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