Inspired by, I ask y'all:

What does "appropriate technology" mean to you?

@tty A MVP is the commodification and replicability of some design.

ALTAP usually sits right before the Product part of MVP. It's when you can't take anything away, it offers some conviviality, but it does not scale as it's something tackling a singular problem in a specific situation.

@neauoire mm, i'm not familar with "ALTAP". is MVP minimal viable product in this context?

@tty Oh sorry.

MVP: Minimum Viable Product
ALTAP: As Little Technology As Possible

@tty To me that would indicate choosing technology based on your needs. Generally implying the simplest technology which gets the job done nicely, and understanding the technologies enough to know which uses it's suited to.

As opposed to, as I've heard it put, "hitting everything with a hammer to see what's a nail".

@tty An example from the technology industry: not using a relational database to power webservice when you're not actually benefitting from their declarative & highly optimized query engines, whilst acknowledging there's valid uses for relational databases.

@tty @neauoire for me it’s striking a balance between the problem and the solution that minimizes negative impacts (writ broadly).

One aspect of “appropriate” is that some things we often reflexively see as negative often aren’t, namely minor inconveniences or a bit of manual labor.

Generally the best balance for a particular task is very context dependent. Appropriate technologies don’t ask for more than they give, and the need for them is clear. They don’t burden the user or others.

@tty open ended, serving you and your purposes, rather than itself, and ultimately, fit for the job

@tty I would say the UNIX principle still holds. "Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together. Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface." So in a way a 'Lego' bricks technology. Avoiding stuff which promises to solve all your future problems, in favor of something which does one thing cleanly and gives an interface to extend the result for further use. Like lego bricks which have an IO interface to connect other bricks.

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