Setting up an N64 emulator and Mario Kart on the living room TV with gamepads as a surprise for my partner when they get home tomorrow.

They πŸ’• Mario Kart. ^___^

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It's all set up & works!

You can run it by telling Lambda to "launch mario kart", and terminate with "stop", like media playback. ^__^

@tty Haha, as of today I only have one unlockable character (Dry Bowser) left to unlock on Mario Kart Wii πŸ˜…

Currently enjoying playing as Toadette, her little mushroom pigtails swinging about are too cute 😍

@alderwick That sounds lovely re: swinging pigtails. MK64 has a severe lack of fem ID'd characters.

@tty @alderwick
Dixie Kong ought to be part of this roster, way more fun than Diddy.

@tty this might be heresy, but did you know there are 'mods' for MK64? Overkart 64 lets you play in widescreen for example, which might be good for living room TV use?

@voxel Thanks for the rec. Right now just trying to get xboxdrv to play nicely is my main focus ^__^;;

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