morning humyns & otherkin πŸŒ„

what are you up to today?

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@tty good morning 😎 vga hacking over here, what's your plan for the day?

@neauoire oh is this for the dosbox uxn port?

today is my last day off before going back to my job :( I'm going to try and make the most of it though: food prep, cleaning, and if mental heath holds up, solder together my first house electronics project!

@tty oh shit, time flew by, good luck tomorrow. Don't forget to set boundaries from the get go ;)

house electronics hey?

@neauoire I'm trying to figure out how to give as few spoons to the job as possible, so I can maximize the rest for myself & my friends. <3

the electronics project is a lil circuit that lights up an led strip over our stove so that we can see what we're doing when cooking; the built-in lighting setup in the kitchen isn't very good.

@tty that's funny 'cos I have to do the exact same thing here :) The cabinet lighting is broken

@tty it's 12v, the hardest part is to do the heat-shrink right ;)

@neauoire is that for insulating the connections? i'm planning to use electrical tape, since no salt water :)

@tty yeah, it's to make sure we won't get creeping corrosion. Electric tape should be fine on land :)

@tty I played some Destiny with friends, now I’m cozy in bed watching cartoons!

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