reinterpretation of economy of scale 

Economy of scale is usually known as the trick where you make a TON of something in order to make the per-unit cost lower.

But there are other types:

1. Designing an object so that it can be efficiency shared among many people. (scaling on humans instead of units produced)

2. Designing an object so that it is simple enough for others to reproduce in a decentralized fashion /wo highly specialized tools. (also scaling on units produced)

reinterpretation of economy of scale 


There's something here too about e.g. 3d printers allowing people to make highly specific, customized versions of things. Like, instead of designing objects so that they're simple for others to reproduce, designing tools so that it's easier to reproduce some object designs.

Dunno, maybe that's less a type of economy of scale, more a way to bypass the need for economy of scale.

reinterpretation of economy of scale 

@aearo yay, someone wrote back :)

Yeah, I think 3D printers are a really cool economy-of-scale tool, that kinda falls into a fourth category? They're somewhat complex and somewhat depend on global supply chain, but they can also somewhat reproduce themselves & can operate in a highly decentralized fashion.

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