I finished my first nontrivial uxn rom! It's called "bunnymark" and it's a render performance benchmark that's also fun to play with.

Here is the uxn rom file:

I don't have a great way yet to share these with folx who don't already have a uxn emulator installed.

You can load the .rom file into this web emulator: (io -> import rom)

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It's really neat to have made something that's only 3 kilobytes. I think this is my smallest output file ever!

It's all hand-written assembly for the uxn forth-style machine. You can find the code here until I put up the git repo somewhere:

@tty wooo this is awesome! :tealheart:
i love the looks of the running program and of the code!

thank you @sejo! your tutorials were *essential* to me learning how uxn works :) it wouldn't have happened without you!

@sejo I read it all on gemini too! very happy it was available on there

@sejo learning uxn on gemini just feels πŸ‘©β€πŸ³πŸ˜˜

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