While working on Donsol, I started wondering about this question "Could I store/preserve my uxn roms on paper, for example the entire cart for the text-editor(left), or how much space it would take on a A4 paper?"

I think I might print myself a couple of roms in a binder, just for fun.


@neauoire printed programs in a uxn zine that you type into your computer

@tty Look at that, fizzbuzz fits in a toot.

2064 0040 0003 8003 9b1a 1980 080d 2001
5c20 0151 2e41 0380 059b 1a19 8008 0d20
0161 2001 512e 414f 8015 0d83 800a 1b80
3018 8018 1780 0a9b 1a19 8030 1880 1817
800a 8018 1701 8a80 b90d 2280 0180 0f17
0094 8018 1721 9480 f70d 226c 4669 7a7a
0042 757a 7a

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