Yesterday I wrote the modulus operator for the WDR Paper Computer[1].

It's a tiny computer with only 5 instructions: add1, sub1, jump to line#, end program, and is-zero?.

My conclusions so far about paper computing:
- It's really fun to figure out clever ways to write programs using a limited instruction set!
- Running programs by hand is pretty tedious and gets old fast. ^__^


@tty register machines are tedious to handle by hand, next you should try a stack machine :)


@neauoire uxn spoiled me! Stack-style is much easier to work with imo.

@neauoire Though I think a stack machine with this instruction set would still be challenging to write programs with and run by hand.

@tty It's not too bad, before writing the uxn vm, I "played" it on paper.

The WDR Paper Computer can be modified to not use registers at all, and instead use the stack primitives POP DUP SWP

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