Sometimes im surprised how invisible my ivy removal work is.
A few months after ive been through a space, the footprints and accidentally broken branches are no longer noticeable, the ivy leaves have browned and it looks as if it had always been that way.
I think of a lot if this work as a tactile learning and exploration. I knew that this land was tended and stewarded by indigenous people in a way invisible to settlers. What settlers saw as untamed wilderness was actually carefully managed and tended land.
Ive done all of this work and, unless i tell them, very few people will ever notice. Its become very tangibly clear the amount of labour that can hide in a conception of wilderness.


@sunflower_avenue This feels like a really significant realization, to me.

It's kind of like how a capitalist can look at, say,,-7 and be like, "oh sweet, it's *just* trees! free commodity!" The outside view hides the details.

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