social interaction question 

When you're in a conversation with someone who "hogs the microphone" (that is, talks a lot and doesn't "give the mic" back to you often), how do you handle this?

I dislike this in conversations, but am not sure what a good response is. Some ideas:

1. Stop hanging out with people who do this.
2. Confrontation: explicitly point this out & ask them to share the mic more.
3. Passive Aggressive: interrupt or use other strategies to forcefully take the mic back.

What's worked for you?

social interaction question 

@tty I think I just stare off into space and don't respond, and if they don't realise I'm not engaging at all, and carry on, I walk off. But usually they notice me zone out and then attempt to actually involve me in a conversation. Doesn't work in a group tho (except walking off, which always works and is great, especially if you're going to find a pet to hang out with instead)

social interaction question 

@tty I'll be honest...I usually just go with (1). It depends, though. I don't mind someone who talks a whole hell of a lot if what they're talking about is interesting to me, and I have a lot of friendships that involve knowledge sharing so it's typical for one of us to hog the mic on a given day but for things to be more balanced in the long run.

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